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Commercial Concrete is a specialist concrete used for construction, repairs and rennovations. It is used across a number of industries due to its durability and strength. Commercial concrete contains a mixture of aggregates, water and cement. 

Commercial concrete is known to perform better than residential concrete due to its extra durability. There are many benefits of commercial concrete, let’s look at a few of them.

Is Commercial Concrete Economical

Using commercial concrete is a great economical alternative to residential concrete in commercial buildings. It can decrease heating and cooling requirements as it is energy efficient.

Is Commercial Concrete Readily Available In The UK

Commercial concrete is always available here at Allmac so supply is never an issue. We can usually supply and deliver commercial concrete with a days notice meaning that you can rest assured your commercial building project will be delivered on time.

How Versatile Is Commercial Concrete

Commercial concrete is highly versatile it can be shaped and formed in every way needed. It can be moulded into any shape you require for your projects which is why achitects have much more of a free reign when it comes to design if commercial concrete is chosen. 

Is Commercial Concrete Durable

All builders and businesses want the building and structures to be as strong and robust as possible. Commercial concrete helps with this as it is much stronger and durable than standard concrete. It is also able to be reinforced with materials such as steel. It helps to ensure that the structures can withstand being in frequent use and all weather conditions without the worry of wear and tear damage. 

How Eco-Friendly Is Commercial Concrete 

Commercial concrete supplied by Allmac doesn’t use any chemicals when we produce it. The cement, water and aggregate we use all help to ensure that the commercial concrete we supply is friendly to the environment. We produce our commercial concrete onsite here at Allmac meaning that we are not damaging the enviroment with additional transport. Our commercial concrete is also recyclable which is another benefit. 

How Long Does Commercial Concrete Last 

Commercial concrete is known for is durability and for being long lasting. This means that damage and repair costs are kept to a minimum as is disruption for repair works. 

These are just a few of the reasons why many businesses are choosing Allmac commercial concrete for their kerbs and edging. If you have a requirement for commercial concrete or want to find out more contact our experts today and we will be more than happy to help you.