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Tarmac contractors are important when it comes to a number of projects.  Unfortunately a fact if the modern day world is that many contactors and traders are not what they seem. This can lead to poor quality work and unfinished jobs. It is important when choosing a tarmacking or asphalt contractor that you use a professional and well recognised company to ensure that you are in safe hands. Here we will look at some tips to help you chose a tarmac contractor. 


When you look for a tarmac contractor we advise to ensure that you choose a company with the right accreditation. These include CHAS which is the contractor’s health and safety assessment scheme and Constructonline which is an accreditation by UK government.


When choosing a contactor safety is paramount. Your contactor should arrange risk assessments before any work is started. It is also important that safety equipment is in place and organised for the project. The worksite must be kept safe as a priority to the contractor as well as the safety of any staff and customers you may have visiting whilst work is carried out. Always check that your tarmac contactor has the relevant and full insurance in place before agreeing for a project to start. 


It goes without saying we all want high quality workmanship when hiring a contractor to carry out work. Ensure you check previous work carried out by the tarmac contractor you choose and that they are well established in the industry.

Working to schedule:

When you are having any project work undertaken it is likely to cause some disruption to your work practice. By ensuring the contractor you choose for your tarmac works to a timely manner and is reputable can help to ensure smooth running project from start to finish. 

If you have an up and coming tarmac project requirement or need any further help or information please feel free to contact the experts here at Allmac. We have the expertise and experience to ensure that your tarmac needs are fulfilled to the highest possible standards.