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There are many benefits of using tarmac for your footpath. Many construction works now require footpaths to be included in the project. Making sure that these footpaths are long lasting, and durable is a key priority for builders and for local authorities. Tarmac is the most popular and desirable material for footpaths as it is easily laid, aesthetically pleasing and durable. Using tarmac for footpaths help to produce footpaths that last longer and that are less susceptible to damage from vehicles and weather. 

Here at Allmac we can provide different types of tarmac for footpaths including.

  • Coloured Tarmac – We can provide vibrant coloured tarmacs which is popular for footpaths as it makes a feature out of them. The tarmac is still highly durable and provides a long-lasting footpath that looks aesthetically pleasing. 
  • Fast lay tarmac – This tarmac is simple and easy to lay for fast results and contains binder and fine aggregates to mean you just need one layer. It is also more durable. 
  • Rubber based tarmac – This tarmac uses recycled tyres with a warm mix it is economically friendly and helps to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Tarmac patching – We can reinstate footpaths and cycle with patching tarmac which will increase the life length of the tarmac footpath without having to fully replace it. 

If you are interested in finding out more about tarmac footpaths or have a requirement, contact our friendly experts today. We are happy to come out and look at your footpath needs and provide a free no obligation quote.