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Many of us are looking for ways to save money on our car insurance premium. Here we look at some ways that you can do that which includes adding a driveway.

Your postcode

Did you know your postcode affects your care insurance premium? If your vehicle is registered at an address in a built-up area with more vehicles, insurers see that as more potential risk. Postcodes with higher crime rates also push up your car insurance premium as companies see theft and vandalism as more of a risk. Living near a high flood risk area will also increase premiums due to added risk of water damage.


This is where Allmac can come in and help you to reduce your car insurance premium. Insurers will ask you where your vehicle is parked overnight. If you’re able to answer that your car will be kept on off-road parking via a private driveway, they will take this into consideration when providing a new quote or renewal.  It is a known fact that adding a driveway will reduce your premium, whether it’s a tarmac drive or not. Adding a driveway to park your car on helps to reduce the chances of your car being hit by passing vehicles or pedestrians which will help reduce the risk of damage. Motion sensors also overlooking the driveway help with your premium as they are classed as a deterrent.

If you are thinking of how a driveway can help to reduce your car insurance premium and what driveway would suit your needs contact us here.


Your job can also impact your car insurance premium as jobs that are deemed more stressful increase payments. Also, if you drive a lot due to your job this will also bump up the cost as you will have increased mileage and the more time on the road the higher the chance of an accident.


It’s a pretty obvious one that the higher the mileage means the more time on the road which in turn means an increased risk.


Your age can also affect your premium. Younger drivers are found to be more prone to accidents are seen as higher risk. The same goes for drivers over 75.

So, in conclusion many of the factors that affect your car insurance premium are out of your control such as age and occupation. However, adding a driveway for off road parking is a fantastic way to reduce your premium and we can help you with this. Contact the experts here at Allmac for all your driveway needs.