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It is a given fact that outdoor areas are the first to catch the eye when driving or walking past a house. Here we look at how Allmac can help and how you can be the pride of your neighbourhood by having a clean and tidy driveway

Cleaning and maintenance of a driveway is not always the main priority for a home owner. However if the driveway starts to become too untidy sometimes neighbours will complain and even worse it may effect the value of your house. Whether your driveway  is concrete, brick, stone, gravel or asphalt once its got to a bad state of repair it would need to be replaced. 

The benefits of keeping a clean and tidy driveway are not only limited to being the pride of you neighbourhood but other benefits include; 

  • Preventing Fungi – Asphalt and concrete driveways all have cracks and eventually fungi tends to grow between these cracks in the form of algae, moss and lichen, Fungi needs to be removed as soon as possible in order to ensure that the driveway doesn’t become damaged which can be costly to repair and they can also cause corrosion.
  • Prevents weeds – Weeds also tend to love to grow in cracks of driveways which can have the added issue of deep roots. This can cause cracks to become much larger and really cause damage. To avoid this clean your driveway and make sure that ay dirt or soil is removed so the weed has no where to grow.
  • Safety first – Keeping you driveway clean and removing stains, weeds and fungi can also help with safety as they can make a driveway slippy. Also cracks and holes can be trip hazards and also increase the chance of slipping.
  • Stain busting- This is an obvious one but keeping the driveway clean will remove stains and in turn make the driveway more aesthetically pleasing. Most stains just don’t look too good however some can be more of an issue and cause corrosion of your driveway.
  • Pride of the neighbourhood – Keeping the driveway clean can help you be the pride of the neighbourhood. Curb appeal is enhanced as your property looks good to anyone going past. This means your house value can increase but not only that you can take pride when looking at your house that it looks good and other people will think so to. 

How to keep your driveway clean

You can use a hose pipe and stiff brush to help with the cracks and removing dirt and this is a simple tactic to ensure that your driveway is maintained. However a thorough clean is best to be done with a pressure washer. 

Pressure washers use intense, high pressure blasts of water to remove grime and dirt and fungi. Pressure washing is done using cold water or power washing can be carried out with hot water.

Pressure washing and power washing are great at removing grime and dirt from the smaller cracks in the driveway which can prevent much larger issues in the long run. Taking the time out to ensure your driveway is clean doesn’t just help with being the pride of the neighbourhood but also can reduce costs in the long run by not having to pay for repairs and replacements and getting the most out of the driveway.

If you have any questions about keeping your driveway clean and ensuring that you maintain it to the best standards contact us and we are more than happy to help.