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Moss grows on almost everybody’s driveway here in the UK, this is mainly due to the damp weather

that we often have. Moss is not the nicest looking addition to your driveway and can also be quite

dangerous due to it being very slippy. This is especially a problem for older people and young

children. It is always best to remove moss before it becomes a problem.

There are a few ways of being able to remove moss from a driveway with out using harsh chemicals

which in turn may damage the environment.

Let’s have a look at a few of the ways to remove moss easily.

  • Boiling water – Using boiling water is one of the easiest and simple ways to remove moss

from your driveway. Pour boiling water over the moss and simply brush away using a stiff

bristled brush Always make sure that pets and children are safely out of the way before

doing this though.

  • Vinegar – Vinegar can be mixed with water and sprayed or poured onto the moss. This

will remove the moss easily however make sure that you don’t accidently spray plants or

flowers nearby as the vinegar will also kill them. Always rinse afterwards as otherwise the

vinegar will continue to smell.

  • Bleach – Bleach can be diluted and used to scrub and remove moss it will need to be done

by hand and the bleach mixture scrubbed onto the moss with a hand brush. The downside of

this is it is very tiring. Always rinse the bleach again with a hose pipe and water to remove


  • Soap – Using dish soap is very effective for small areas of moss use 4 ounces of soap mixed

with water in a spray bottle and spray directly onto the moss. If you leave this for around 15-

20 minutes and then rinse the moss should wash away. Always rinse the area well as it

maybe slippy.

  • Salt – Using salt tablets in a spray dissolved with water will also remove the moss from your

driveway. You will need to apply plenty of the solution to the area for this to be effective.

  • Jet wash – A jet wash or power wash is perfect to blast away mold from your driveway if you

have one available.

We hope that these handy tips come in useful for ensuring all of our lovely Allmac customers have a

clean, moss free driveway.