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Here at Allmac we are experts in all things Tarmac and we though we would share with you an insight into the pros and cons of tarmac driveways to help you in deciding if a tarmac driveway is the right choice for you. So here goes lets first look at the pros;

Pros of tarmac driveways:

Durability – Tarmac is known for is exceptional durability. Using tarmac for your driveway means it can withstand heavy vehicles without showing wear and tear. It is a fantastic option for a long-lasting driveways solution. 

Cost effective – Tarmac driveways are renown for being economical and cost effective when compared to other driveway options. The installation cost for a tarmac driveway is notably lower than the likes of block paving etc. There is also the added benefit is maintenance is low cost as are repairs when compared to other driveway options.  

Easy installation – Using a professional such as Almac means that a tarmac driveway is easy to install as well as being relatively quick. The mixture is prepared away from your home and applied as a hot liquid which will cool and solidify quickly which will provide you with the driveway you desire in a very fast turnaround. This makes tarmac a very convenient option for a driveway material choice. 

Smooth Surface – A tarmac driveway is not only good to look at but it is also good for vehicle maintenance as it is a smooth surface. This in turn helps to reduce the wear and tear of your tyres.

All in all, we think tarmac is outstanding as a choice for driveway material due to is durability, cost effectiveness and easy installation. There are some cons however which we will also tell you about to allow you to make an informed decision. 

Possibility of cracks and potholes – Over a long period of time it maybe that a tarmac driveway will give way to cracks and potholes. However, this isn’t likely if you maintain your tarmac driveway and if it does happen, we can repair to ensure the tarmac driveway remains in good condition. 

Sealing and Maintenance – A tarmac driveway will require a sealant and some maintenance. This will help to protect from any water penetrating the surface. Filing in cracks and sealing your tarmac driveway is not overly time consuming and will pay off in the long run. 

Now you know more about how wonderful tarmac is for a driveway material then why not contact us today to arrange a free no obligation quote.