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Many of our Manchester based customers come to us and ask for advice on the best way to maintain their tarmac driveways so we have put together this handy guide to give you some hints and tips. A professionally installed and well maintained driveway is  not only pleasing to the eye but also cost effective and practical. Lets have a look at some tips to help you maintain your tarmac driveway in Manchester.

Ensure the surface is fully dry before using – It is vital that the tarmac driveway is completely dry before being used to ensure it is kept in the best possible condition. It is advisable to not drive on the tarmac for at least three days. Ensuring the tarmac is completely dry will allow the tarmac to solidify and will help avoid any damage to the tarmac surface. 

Always clean spillages straight away – If chemicals are spilt on a tarmac surface it can cause more damage than just a stain. Always ensure that you clean spillages right away to avoid any further damage. Oil needs to be soaked up prior to you attempting to clean this from the tarmac surface. Oil spillages can be soaked up using sawdust or sand. General spillages water is usually fine to clear this up. 

Keep the weather in mind – Tarmac is extremely durable but can be affected by the weather for example very hot sun can cause the tarmac surface to become soft. This can in turn mean that the tarmac is damaged by heavy vehicle use. If it is a very hot day we recommend spraying the driveway with cool water to protect it from the hot sun.

Use tarmac restorer – We recommend to use a tarmac restorer on your tarmac driveway to keep the driveway looking its best at all times. The tarmac restorer forms a very durable, tough layer on the top of the tarmac driveway surface.

Keep the driveway clean – Cleaning the tarmac driveway ensures that the driveway continues to look its best at all times. You must however ensure that you use the correct methods to clean the tarmac driveway as if you use incorrect methods you may damage the surface. Sweep the driveway to remove and debris and use water at a low pressure to clean the surface .

If you would like any further advice on maintaining your tarmac driveway in Manchester the experts here at Allmac will be more than happy to provide you with advice and assistance. We look forward to hearing from you.